Issue 20

Issue Number 20 (December 1996)


Reflections on Social Movements & the Politics of Need: Locating the Dialectic Between Identity and Difference     5
Peter Kennedy

Colonial Anthropology: An Enlightenment Legacy? The Lockean Discourse on Nature, Social Order and Difference     21
Athena Athanasiou

Guy Debord and the Metaphysics of Marxism: an obituary of Guy Debord     34
Steve Turner

The Realidad in Europe: an account of the first European meeting against neoliberalism and for humanity     49
Massimo De Angelis

Two Zapatista Dialogues     60
Eloina Pelaez and John Holloway

Mersey Dockers Interview     67
from the Liverpool Dock Strike

Review Article

The Game’s a Bogey: John Maclean and class recomposition today     73
Allan Armstrong

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