Issue 22

Issue Number 22 (December 1997)


Mexico is Not Only Chiapas, Nor is the Rebellion in Chiapas Merely a Mexican Affair    5

Dignity and the Zapatistas     38
John Holloway

Lavori in Corso     43
Riccardo Bellofiore

Globalisation and Democracy: An Assessment of Joachim Hirsch’s Competition State 61
Werner Bonefeld

Marxism and Subjectivity: searching for the marvellous (Prelude to a Marxist notion of action)     83
Ana Dinerstein

Book Review

Terry Brotherstone & Geoff Pilling (eds.)
Economic History and the Future of Marxism: Essays in Memory of Tom Kemp     97
Chris Arthur

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Issue 19

Issue Number 19 (June 1996)


Marxist literary theory after Derrida     5
Drew Milne

The Concept of Power and the Zapatistas     20
John Holloway

The Zapatistas: Conference Notice     28

The Crisis of Political Space     33
Toni Negri

A Critique of the Fordism of the Regulation School     42
Ferruccio Gambino

Rewriting the Politics of The City Builders: A Review of Susan S. Fainstein     65
Brian McGrail

Book Reviews

Cyril Smith Marx at the Millenium 75
Werner Bonefeld

Terry Eagleton & Drew Milne Marxist Literary Theory 78
Olga Taxidou

Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Giovanna Dalla Costa
Paying the Price, Women and the Politics of International Economic Strategy 80
Werner Bonefeld

Murray E. G. Smith Invisible Leviathan 82
Chris J. Arthur

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