Issue 24

Issue Number 24 (December 1999)


An Alternative View of the Yugoslav Conflict     5
Alfred Mendes

The End of Work or the Renaissance of Slavery? A Critique of Rifkin and Negri     20
George Caffentzis

On Fascism: Note on Johannes Agnoli’s Contribution 39
Werner Bonefeld

Wildcat (Germany) reads John Holloway – A Debate on Marxism and the Politics of Dignity     58
Wildcat and John Holloway

The Politics of Change: Ideology and Critique     76
Werner Bonefeld

From the Revolution Against Philosophy to the Revolution Against Capital     91
Mike Rooke

Book Reviews

Jon Stewart (ed)
The Phenomenology of Spirit Reader, Critical and Interpretive Essays     100
Dr John Glassford

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Issue 23

Issue Number 23 (July 1998)


The Gulf Crisis Re-examined     5
Alfred Mendes

The Native Within Us, the Earth We Belong To     14
Mariarosa Dalla Costa

Commodity Fetishism & Reification     53
Mike Rooke

The Communist Manifesto 1848-1998

150 Years Old: Looking Back in Anger     80
Werner Bonefeld

The Communist Manifesto Today     83
John Holloway

Book Review

Ruth Milkman
Farewell to the Factory: Autoworkers in the Late Twentieth Century     89
Curtis Price

Notes on Contributors 92

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Issue 22

Issue Number 22 (December 1997)


Mexico is Not Only Chiapas, Nor is the Rebellion in Chiapas Merely a Mexican Affair    5

Dignity and the Zapatistas     38
John Holloway

Lavori in Corso     43
Riccardo Bellofiore

Globalisation and Democracy: An Assessment of Joachim Hirsch’s Competition State 61
Werner Bonefeld

Marxism and Subjectivity: searching for the marvellous (Prelude to a Marxist notion of action)     83
Ana Dinerstein

Book Review

Terry Brotherstone & Geoff Pilling (eds.)
Economic History and the Future of Marxism: Essays in Memory of Tom Kemp     97
Chris Arthur

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Issue 20

Issue Number 20 (December 1996)


Reflections on Social Movements & the Politics of Need: Locating the Dialectic Between Identity and Difference     5
Peter Kennedy

Colonial Anthropology: An Enlightenment Legacy? The Lockean Discourse on Nature, Social Order and Difference     21
Athena Athanasiou

Guy Debord and the Metaphysics of Marxism: an obituary of Guy Debord     34
Steve Turner

The Realidad in Europe: an account of the first European meeting against neoliberalism and for humanity     49
Massimo De Angelis

Two Zapatista Dialogues     60
Eloina Pelaez and John Holloway

Mersey Dockers Interview     67
from the Liverpool Dock Strike

Review Article

The Game’s a Bogey: John Maclean and class recomposition today     73
Allan Armstrong

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Issue 19

Issue Number 19 (June 1996)


Marxist literary theory after Derrida     5
Drew Milne

The Concept of Power and the Zapatistas     20
John Holloway

The Zapatistas: Conference Notice     28

The Crisis of Political Space     33
Toni Negri

A Critique of the Fordism of the Regulation School     42
Ferruccio Gambino

Rewriting the Politics of The City Builders: A Review of Susan S. Fainstein     65
Brian McGrail

Book Reviews

Cyril Smith Marx at the Millenium 75
Werner Bonefeld

Terry Eagleton & Drew Milne Marxist Literary Theory 78
Olga Taxidou

Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Giovanna Dalla Costa
Paying the Price, Women and the Politics of International Economic Strategy 80
Werner Bonefeld

Murray E. G. Smith Invisible Leviathan 82
Chris J. Arthur

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